USMLE biostatistics is for anyone who needs a concise review of biostatistics and specifically, for medical students – US med students & International Medical Graduates (IMGs) – who are taking the USMLE. I'm offering the tricks, tips & shortcuts I used to help my wife and others overcome their discomfort with biostatistics. They had NO FEAR of any biostatistic question in the USMLE after seeing the topics and concepts explained in "plain English," learning my fool-proof tricks, tips & shortcuts, and solving a few problems. And yes, my wife !!passed!! Step 01 & Step 02 CK in her first attempts!!

Get biostatistics for the USMLE explained in "plain English"!!

My USMLE biostatistics workbook covers over 50 specific topics and is organized into 19 chapters including: bell curve, case-fatality, correlation coefficient, double hump, hypothesis testing & p-value, mean/median/mode, NNT & NNH, study designs, odds ratio, precision & accuracy, probabilities, skewed curves, prevalence/incidence/sensitivity/specificity/ PPV/NPV, and more.

50 specific topics explained more concisely than anyone else!!

For each topic I provide a point-blank synopsis, visual and graphic aids, problems that include answers re-enforcing the lesson, a one-page doc of all the chapter-topic’s key concepts to hang on the wall, and more.  And I decided to learn more about the things you talented talented people need to know so each problem I have you solve has many key points about a specific disease.  You’ll be reinforcing the key points/issues of diseases, syndromes & stuff you need to know while working on biostatistics!


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Double hump

Renamed to "double chump," I guarantee that this seemingly troublesome test question will become completely intuitive and absolutely NO trouble.

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