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I had the great pleasure of meeting an IMG; we settled down and I began to get involved in her studies – she needed to complete the Steps. While I couldn't help with biochem, embryology, microbiology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology (making me generally worthless :-), I could help with biostatistics – I love math & statistics. In college I finished #1 in my math & stats courses for about the first 03 years of college. Nowadays I use math all day at work and would like to teach math after retiring. Math & stats are cool!

Through the process of coaching her I developed notes, graphs, shortcuts, drawings, practice problems – tools – that I used to convey biostats in simplest terms. She said that I explained biostatistics in a way that no book did. And ?unfortunately, she's right! I've seen Gorgian, NBME Forms, World, First Aid, Kaplan, and other materials. They are OK but lack practical common sense material – the concise, cut-to-the-chase material, which is all one needs to convey high yield biostatistic topics & concepts. Respectfully, their materials are a bit "lazy;" these materials lack the little extra effort it takes to make biostat high yield concepts a no-brainer.

The USMLE biostatistics workbook provides the practical – point-blank – information you need!! The workbook provides tools such as straight-forward simplified explanations, concepts broken-down into simple steps, problems to solve, a page of core info to hang on your wall. Also, key headers, words and graphs are color coded.

Want to conquer biostatistics high yield topics & concepts? Then USMLE biostatistics workbook is all you need!!
























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Renamed to "double chump," I guarantee that this seemingly troublesome test question will become completely intuitive and absolutely NO trouble.

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