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"This review book is Amazing!!! provides a concise review of the biostatistics concepts that are critical for the USMLE Step 1 exam. As an international medical graduate who has not reviewed basic biostatistics since the first year of medical school "over a decade ago! ", I needed something that helps me rebuild my knowledge from scratch without overwhelming myself with time consuming, low-yield concepts. For that I've found USMLE biostatistics to be the book of choice. Unlike most resources that are available in the market this book is written in a very easy-to-follow format, rich in High-Yield points that help me focus on the most important USMLE Step 1 facts and full of colored graphs that make the clinical vignettes look like a piece of cake."


Author's note: The USMLEbiostat workbook is also applicable to CK!!!



"I recommend this book because it is easy to understand and explains the most important information in the most efficient form. It is a succinct description of Biostatistics that will help remove confusion from the typical information-overload of traditional educational guides on this topic."



“This is an excellent booklet; I used it for step 1 and 2, did practice the questions and studied the content. When I took my exams I was confident that I was going to get correct any question related with the subject. I recommend this study material to anyone who wants to excel in the usmle’s.
Good luck to everyone.”
























Double hump

Renamed to "double chump," I guarantee that this seemingly troublesome test question will become completely intuitive and absolutely NO trouble.

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